Wing Testing

I had the honor a few weeks ago of speaking at Oasis on Mother’s Day. I used the example of a mother eagle and my message was basically about raising our children so that when they are adults they are completely capable to run the race God has laid out for them .

This week we took our 11 year old to his second year at Auburn Football camp. Anyone that knows my family knows we are football fans and even bigger Auburn fans. Ethan amazes me, he is perfectly fine with and actually wants us just to drop him off at the stadium where they check in for breakfast. He is completely confident and has no problem with figuring out what to do.

Of course, this mom is extremely proud on one hand but a little sad on the other. He is growing as a young man and becoming more independent! As I thought about this, my own words from my Mother’s Day message came back to me.. My baby bird is learning to fly. He is there at camp without my supervision or constant instructions and I have to hope that his dad and I equipped him to make the right decisions.

At the end of camp, we got to meet and talk with the parents of the friends he made. My kid is very social and makes friends easily. They had already exchanged contact info so they could keep in touch. Each of his friends were Christians and so we talked with their parents about church and the Christian values of Auburn. As we left I was so proud that when left up to Ethan, he picked good friends. He had worked hard, he was very respectful and always the first one back to the huddle.

It is hard on a mom, but giving kids enough freedom to test their wings out builds their confidence about making decisions. I know it is tough, but I encourage parents to look for ways to let their kids test their wings.. They will make some great decisions and build their confidence and they will make some poor ones to learn from! Both ways we are setting them up to be capable adults!

If you missed the Mother’s Day message “Soar” you can watch HERE


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